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Postdoc fellowships in ETH, Zurich, Switzerland

Finding Sustainable Sources of Nutrition

Future Food is a Swiss research initiative that provides opportunities to educate and train new talent around the food value chain by leveraging the complementary strengths of the Swiss academic and industrial research communities.

The 'fellowship' is a postdoc programme for exceptionally qualified young researchers who propose projects targeting future food issues such as nutrition, production, packaging and digital health. The fellowship provides personal research funds for three years, enabling fellows to work on their projects in a research laboratory anywhere in Switzerland with a “champion” in academia (the host professor at ETH Zurich or EPFL) and in industry (the industry partner).

The aim is to award up to ten fellowships each year. The actual number depends on how many candidates successfully complete a selection process culminating with a face-to-face interview. In addition to scientific skills, the personality and motivation of the candidates will also be considered. However, the main criterion for selection is scientific excellence combined with industrial relevance. The call for new research or translational projects is conducted once every year.

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