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ECN second webinar: “Using MetaCore: How to analyse omics data“

The  Second ECN Online Webinar:

“Using MetaCore: how to analyse omics data and better understand underlying biological mechanisms”

Thursday 18th of May 2017 at 16:00h (CET).

As users of the NUGO MetaCore software subscription, the ECN decided to set up a general presentation for NUGO institutes to make the most of the tool . This omics data analysis platform contains more than 1.5 million molecular interactions, over 1,500 pathway maps and 10 network building algorithms. Data contained within MetaCore is industry leading in accuracy, reliability, and comprehensiveness, manually currated by PhD and MD level research professionals and updated quarterly.

* Find regulators and/or effectors of your gene of interest and direct links to peer reviewed references
* Upload and set thresholds on experimental data
* Assess Pathway/Ontology enrichment of differentially expressed genes
* Visualize gene lists or experimental data on pathway maps to enhance data interpretation.

Speaker Details
The session was led by Dr Olivia Alder, a scientist that had spent several years in the lab during her PhD at Imperial College London and a post-doctoral position at BC Cancer Agency, Vancouver.  At the time of the webinar, Olivia was a Bioinformatician at the University of Leeds where she analysed exome, expression and copy number data from bladder tumour samples. Her work has been published scientific journals including Cell Reports, Nature Communications and Development.


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